Cyber Security Awareness Month: See it, so you don’t click it!

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Happy Cyber Security Awareness Month! We take security seriously here at Foundant, and want to celebrate this month with you. The 2022 Campaign theme, See Yourself in Cyber, emphasizes that while cybersecurity may seem like a complex subject, ultimately, it’s really all about people. This October, we will focus on the “people” part of cybersecurity, posting occasional information and resources in this Compass category to help everyone make smart decisions on the job, at home, at school, and in the future. 

This year, cybercriminals have sent over 3.3 billion phishing messages and caused over 4,000 data breaches, exposing over 22 billion personal records — some of these probably impacted you personally. Here are some quick tips on how to spot a phishing email:

  • Contains an offer that’s too good to be true
  • Language that’s urgent, alarming, or threatening
  • Poorly-crafted writing with misspellings and bad grammar
  • Greetings that are ambiguous or very generic
  • Requests to send personal information
  • Urgency to click on unfamiliar hyperlinks or attachment
  • Strange or abrupt business requests
  • Sending e-mail address doesn’t match the company it’s coming from

If you suspect an email is phishing, it’s best to report it to the information systems professional at your organization.

Be proactive in keeping your organization off the cybercriminal’s leader board!

4-minute educational video:

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