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Greetings from the southeast corner of the US! I work for Foundant as a product manager for Community Suite. So what's a product manager? The short answer is we are essentially internal consultants for everything related to your experience - the software features, support, training, sales, etc so our most vital function is to be connected to you! Personally, that's why I love what I do - I've worked with community foundations in a few ways over the past 10 years and absolutely love the cf world and the people in it.

I have two adult daughters, a dog (who is very friendly and happy) and a cat (who is neither - she's a grouch). I am a huge fan of two teams - the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Florida Panthers so if you catch me outside a Foundant event, there's a decent chance one of those two logos will be on my clothes... Also a tea drinker so if you want to talk tea (or root beer), definitely chat!


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