Curious about position titles

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I was given the title Program Manager, but it has never read right to me...one that I just saw here in Compass was Philanthropy Asst, similar to what I do, but I'd appreciate hearing from folks. I process gifts and grants in Csuite, send the letters and thank yous, update website, design and post social media posts, assist boss with making pre-existing docs "look pretty", create new forms, do all things in SLM and interactions/questions with kids and parents, meeting set ups, get the mail...

Thanks for sharing any all encompassing, creative and clear titles!



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    The person in our office that comes close to what you do is our Development Assistant. I like the one you mentioned better, Philanthropy Asst.

    Though, my favorite title (unofficial) is our VP of Miscellaneous.


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    Hi, @MarshaStrauss and Happy Tuesday!

    A lot of what you are doing sounds exactly what I am doing, minus the processing of gifts and getting the mail piece. My official job title is Grants Officer at my organization. I've always been curious about job titles for grant professionals because there are so many different ones yet many doing the same kind of work and identical job descriptions.

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    Hi @MarshaStrauss! I have some similar duties to you. My newest title is Administration and Grants Manager. I was previously an Executive Assistant, but it did not even begin to describe the duties I cover. Being from a small organization of 3 staff and 1 contractor, we all do a variety of duties as you I'm sure are well aware of.

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