Development Committee Responsibilities

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Hello everyone,

I have been at our CF for about 18 months. I want to re-envision our Development Committee's job description (it is currently non-existent). Does anyone have templates they could share of what is working well for them?

We are currently a committee of 4-6 (myself as the Development Officer, our Board Chair in ex-officio status, a Board Member as Committee Chair and then at least one other Board Member and one or two community members.

Right now, I typically tell them what I am doing and they give feedback. I would like to find ways to get them more engaged. Maybe "thank yous" to donors or other strategies.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Laura Malone  | Development Officer

Community Foundation Lorain County



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    Hi @LauraMalone

    I am just at the starting point of some Donor Journey mapping work, along with internal best practices for stewardship and how to record/reflect this in Foundant. Happy to share with you at a future date, just reach out to me.

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