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Favorite Excel Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Shift+Space: Select an entire row​
  • Ctrl+Space: Select an entire column​
  • Ctrl+Shift+Plus: Insert a new row or column above or to the left of the selected row or column​
  • Ctrl+Minus: Delete the selected row or column​
  • Alt+Plus: Calculate the sum of selected cells​
  • Ctrl+9: Hide selected rows​
  • Ctrl+0: Hide selected columns​
  • Ctrl+N: Open a new workbook​
  • Ctrl+S: Save the current workbook​
  • Ctrl+Z: Undo

Favorite Browser Plug-Ins:

  • Grammarly ​
  • Lightshot or ScreenRec (alt+S)​
  • Loom ​
  • Google Translate​
  • Color Picker​
  • Last Pass (requires a license) 

Browser Shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+T (add tab)​
  • Ctrl+W (new window)​
  • Ctrl+Tab (move to next tab)​
  • Ctrl +R (refresh) ​
  • Crtl+Shift+T (re-opens closed window/tab)

Windows Shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+F (Find)​
  • Ctrl+C (Copy)​
  • Ctrl+V(Paste)​
  • Ctrl+X (Cut)​
  • Ctrl+S (Save)​
  • Windows Right/Left Arrows to split-screen​
  • Windows V(clipboard for multiple sections of text- this is especially helpful in question types)​
  • Alt-Tab (view open apps )​
  • Windows Shift S for a snipping tool​

Mac Shortcuts:

  • Command Left/Right Arrows to navigate​
  • Command+Shift+F: Screenshots​
  • Command+Shift+5: Screen Recording​

Mac Touchpad: 

  • Swipe 4 fingers up: different desktops and open various windows​
  • Swipe 4 fingers Left/Right: Switch between the open windows


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