Happy 2nd Anniversary, Compass!

A big thank you to each and every one of you for supporting one another here in Compass and maximizing the impact of the philanthropic community for the last two years. 

To help us celebrate, spend a couple minutes inviting your friends in philanthropy to join the conversation. Compass is a resource for anyone working in or supporting philanthropy! Just send them this link and ask them to register: https://community.foundant.com/

And for fun, we've released two brand new badges today! If you identify as a Foodie, a Book Worm, or both, request these badges by clicking the links below. They're worth 10 leaderboard points today only!

I'm a Foodie.

I'm a Bookworm.

I want to see all the badge options!

Happy anniversary, Compass! What will the next two years bring?


Community Manager

Kara Adams, M.Ed., CAE (she/her/hers)|Community Manager|[email protected]

Headquartered: Bozeman, MT| Remote Location: Chicago, IL | Direct: 312-802-1374 |www.foundant.com|

madisonthompson (former Compass Intern)AshleyHarperLornaSandberg


  • CourtneyWhitedCourtneyWhited Posts: 14
    Groundbreaker Third Compass Anniversary 10 Comments 5 Likes

    I joined this group early on and it continues to be SO beneficial. Thank you so much for creating this interactive, current and fun space for Foundant Users.

    AshleyHarpermadisonthompson (former Compass Intern)KaraAdams (Former Community Manager)
  • AshleyHarperAshleyHarper Posts: 126
    Voter Third Compass Anniversary 100 Comments 100 Likes

    Thank you @KaraAdams for being our fearless leader! Your hard work and creativity in the development of the Foundant community can't be underestimated!!🤩

    madisonthompson (former Compass Intern)KaraAdams (Former Community Manager)LornaSandberg
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