Hello Team!

My name is Erin Cheek and I am a new GLM/SLM Sales Representative. I am very excited to be part of the Foundant Team!

I moved to Montana in July of 2020 after spending 5 years in Colorado. I have now lived in 4 states, and Montana is by far my favorite! I enjoy visiting the National Parks, landscape and wildlife photography, cold water therapy (if anyone wants to join, let me know), hot springs, and working out. I started fly fishing last summer and am looking forward to getting back into it once the weather is warmer.

I want share a little bit about how I got to Foundant. I have a couple friends that currently work at here; they had wonderful things to say about the company and the people. As I continued to look in to Foundant, a sales position opened in GLM/SLM. I reached out to talk with one of the current sales reps before I applied to get a sense of the position and the culture. It seemed like it was going to be a great fit by allowing me to use my strengths in sales and bridge that with something I care about which is helping and supporting non-profits. I enjoyed the interview process, and I was thrilled to receive a job offer from Foundant when that process was complete. I am going to be working in the office in the South building, so please swing by and say hello. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!


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