Incentivizing Fund Adviser Portal Use?

Colleagues -

We are hoping to garner some more enrollment/usage on our Donor/Fund Adviser portal. How have you all gotten higher rates of enrollment? Matching? Prize drawings? Open to lots of options and ideas!

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    I agree with Jesika that the age of fund holders is a barrier to use the Fund Portal. We have chosen not to push it - but keep promoting it and offering a 15 minute tutorial with our staff. I also have a goal to create a training video so they can do it on their own terms too. Perhaps if they see the portal in a neutral way, they will see the benefit of using it.

    I feel like if our customers (fund holders) are not in the market for the fund portal, we don't want to upset them by requiring it at this time. I get it - I get so frustrated when I am required to have ANOTHER login I have to manage! But at the same time, it's the world we live in! I'm sure in the future we will discuss transitioning away from paper fund statements all together and making the fund portal required.

    The fund advisors are simply missing out on the benefit of the portal! So I think your idea of creating incentives is a good idea. Maybe if they use the portal successfully for one year, you give them $50 in their fund? (You can see when they logged in). That gives them a year to get used to it and hopefully love it!

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    Triangle Community Foundation continues to increase the % of fund advisors that have successfully logged into the donor portal by uplifting additional functionality that is offered online. At first, we did this by emphasizing its ease of use and accurate grants processing, then we released fund statements online (prior to CSuite we printed them and it took a while for donors to receive them) and emphasized the annual spendable allocation data available in the donor portal when we did that calculation. We haven't offered any prizes but generally continued to emphasize that it works better, reduces errors, and speeds up the grants processing time. We've tracked our donor's engagement with the portal by exporting the fund advisor CSV and analyzing which fund advisors have a password (or not).

    Nov. 2020 - 47.3% of donors logged in

    July 2021 - 64.9% of donors logged in

    Nov. 2021- 68% of donors logged in

    Feb. 2022 - 70% of donors logged in

    We believe the barriers to using the portal include the donor's age and technology literacy, which includes tech issues that we are not prepared to troubleshoot such as settings on personal computers related to passwords.

    Here are our materials for our donors to answer questions about using the portal:

    Here is how we publicized the donor portal during our migration:

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