ACH Payments

We usually send checks out to pay our grantees but need to move to ACH due to COVID 19. Are any of you using ACH and how do you collect the checking info? We are trying to make sure we do this securely. Any info/best practices would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and hope everyone is well!



  • Hi @SheilaSteger ! Thank you for your question! It's definitely a relevant topic. You might be interested in some of the insights that have already been shared here in our COVID-19 group on this very subject!


  • Hi Kara,

    When I clicked on the COVID-19 link, it went to page not found. We're interested in learning more about ACH. Thank you!

  • Hi @loritrenholm! Thanks for letting me know that link needs to be updated. There are several discussions about ACH transactions here in Compass. Here are the search results for "ACH" so you can peruse and find the most relevant for your scenario!

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