Follow Your Favorite Categories!

Hi Compass Members! To receive notifications from specific subcategories, i.e. "Grants & Scholarships" (shown below), CSuite Q&A, etc., just look for the bell icon underneath the subcategory's title and description:

Select your preference. That's it! You can come back to adjust these notifications any time.

While you're at it, check in on your overall community notifications to make sure you don't miss any discussions you're tagged in.

Notifications make it much easier to follow the discussion areas that are most relevant to you and your work!



  • Hi,

    What do I have to do to be able to use this feature?


  • Hi @RheaPaniesin! Just look for the bell icon in any subcategory (see image above), and click on it to highlight the bell and select your notification type!

  • Hi! Is there any way to change our notifications to come in a daily digest instead? I would like to see all of the posts and comments on particular threads just prefer not to get constant notifications.

  • KaraAdamsKaraAdams
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    Hi @JanaMoreno - I would love to say there is, but unfortunately notification digests aren't a feature offered at this time. We're expecting this feature to be released by our community software vendor later this year.

    You could adjust your notifications by clicking the bell icon in the category you'd like to adjust and change to "Discussions" to only be notified of new discussions, then review replies to those discussions when you have time later in the day. The other option would be to "Follow" the category which will let you see discussions from the categories you're following on your Compass homepage, but not receive emails. Then you could visit them whenever it's most convenient!

    I hope that's helpful!


    Community Manager

  • Hi @KaraAdams Yes, that is helpful advice. Thank you!

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