Grants for Technology Equipment?

We often provide grants for basic human needs. We don't provide grants for technology equipment (computers, laptops, tablets). As part of our COVID-19 Response Grants we are receiving requests for technology from homeless shelters, soup kitchens and food pantries. I'm all for it, but I'm concerned our Board won't be. Any thoughts on how to educate our Board that technology needs are essential for our non-profits to do business during this pandemic?

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    Hi, Michele,

    Good for you for recognizing the importance of technology in nonprofits! Technology fits squarely in the category of capacity building grants for nonprofits and is a very common funded request. For boards who want nonprofits to operate more like businesses, requests for technology shouldn't be too hard to explain. NTEN, TechSoup, and Idealware are three sites that have nonprofit tech resources, perhaps some that might be useful for your board. I'd also check out GEO's resources here.

    At the foundation where I used to work, our capacity building grants application had a section of questions specifically for technology requests that helped the grant committee assess the request.

    Good luck!

    Ashley Harper

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    To piggy back on the resources Ashley passed on, I'd also check out Technology Association of Grantmakers and NetHope. These organizations along with NTEN, who Ashley mentioned above, produced a call to funders for nonprofit tech support during COVID-19 with great info on what nonprofits need and why this is so important. You can check it out here:

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    Under the circumstances of this COVID pandemic, our Board was so very receptive to offering help with technology equipment. The recipients were so very grateful....often moved to tears.

    It's such a necessary request in these chaotic times. :-)

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