Multiple rounds of funding for COVID-19 Relief

We just completed our first round of relief funding in collaboration with our local United Way. We conducted a "needs assessment" of local nonprofits to determine the focus area for this round. We will be starting our second round soon and wanted to ask if anyone is sending out multiple surveys to determine need? I don't think we'll have a third round, but we are wondering if we should see what happens with the community re-opening to see if other needs arise that are unforeseen right now. Thoughts? Thanks!


  • CelesteCarlsonCelesteCarlson Posts: 32
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    We have an ongoing survey and have asked organizations / local small businesses to keep in communication with us regarding their needs as we continue through.

  • JohnnaMartinezJohnnaMartinez Posts: 16
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    Thank you!

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    @CelesteCarlson This seems like a lifetime ago, but did you get a good response to your survey? Was it helpful?

    I'm doing a little research into how people used data through the pandemic and I'd love to hear stories of funders learning from (about?) the needs of their nonprofit partners.

    KaraAdams (Former Community Manager)
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