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Connecting with donors

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I"m curious what people are doing to connect with their donors while we are all working from home.

Kent C. Weimer, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®

Director of Trusts, Estates and Gift Planning

Parkland Foundation

Chair, National Association of Charitable Gift Planners



  • Hi @KentWeimer! On one of Foundant's recent Coffee Talks, an attendee from the Stonewall Community Foundation mentioned that he is currently spending time handwriting and mailing note cards to donors. Getting mail can be a memorable novelty, as well as serving as a visual reminder instead of "just another email". I'm a fan of writing and receiving cards myself!

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    @KentWeimer Do you collect stories from grantees, on either an application or a progress report? I wonder if you could be more proactive about finding stories to share with individual donors, perhaps as the reports come in?

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