Blackbaud FIMS to Foundant Community Suite Migration

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I am former Vice President for Technology at the Rhode Island Foundation. Since early 2018, I've partnered with Foundant Technologies and the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, and more recently, The Cape Cod Foundation, and The Community Foundation for Southeastern Massachusetts to facilitate migration from Blackbaud FIMS to Foundant CSuite, GLM, and SLM platforms. I have also provided post migration support in a wide variety of areas including financials presentation, database cleanup, form design, data sets for reporting, fund balance issues, and audit preparation. The mission of foundations as a philanthropic means for positive social change has been my inspiration since 1995, when I joined the Rhode Island Foundation, and continues to be at the core of my philosophy of engagement with colleagues in the field.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I'm happy to share my experience and help with yours!




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