Hello from Bozeman Montana

Hey all, my name is Jason Kruger and I'm a new team member here at Foundant Technologies. I am a senior software engineer and I live in Bozeman, MT. I enjoy getting outside, photography (landscape and astrophotography), and hanging out with my family. Looking forward to meeting / working with everyone!



  • Welcome @JasonKruger! I think we're going to need to see an example of some astrophotography!

  • WOW, very cool!🤩

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    Nice shot, @JasonKruger ! I have a family of amateur and professional photographers. Always appreciate seeing fine work! And hope your time at Foundant is rewarding. From our observation point, they're a find group of folks.

  • KentWeimerKentWeimer
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    @JasonKruger very cool photo!

  • HeidiFindlayHeidiFindlay
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    Hello @JasonKruger and WOW, yes, very cool photo. In Florida, we try to get photos of rocket launches and lightning. Not always at the same time....


  • Welcome to Foundant!

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