Congratulations to the April Top 10!

Congratulations @RhondaReichert, @JesikaEllis, @SaraChiabai, @HeidiFindlay, @KristinRaack, @SidneySuttles, @BradMWard, @LoriMartini, @TramKieu and @JosephineMorrison! As a thank you for your contributions to our Compass community this past month, you will be entered into a random drawing for a little pick-me-up. The winner will be tagged in a comment below!

RhondaReichert[Deleted User]HeidiFindlaySidneySuttlesJosephineMorrisonBettieStammerjohnLoriMartiniAshleyHarperSaraChiabaiPamAmundsen


  • Well, this is a first. Thank you!

    Congrats all!

  • RhondaReichertRhondaReichert
    World Traveler Scholarship Lifecycle Manager (SLM) Foundant Grant Management Certificate 25 Likes
    edited April 2021

    That's exciting news on a Friday! Just what I needed today!

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