Workflow: Using Grant Report to Initiate Renewal Grant

Having created an abbreviated Renewal process during the pandemic, and realizing the value of streamlining our process, we are looking to do away with our LOI stage of the competitive Renewal grants we make.

We have yet to move to multi-year grantmaking (though eventually we would like to get there) and we have been using an LOI for our competitive process for years, even for the Renewal requests. Our Renewal process feels fairly drawn out because the LOI stage takes too much time to filter which organizations are invited for a full proposal review. The solution we thought might work would be to use the Grant Report Follow Up as a means to incorporate some of the questions we would have in the LOI. This way we capture both a wrap up and what is coming up for the organization, so that we can then invite them without another submitted form.

Does anyone work like this? Have you found this to be an effective use of time for your grant partners, and for staff? Are there any tips or advice in changing to such a workflow for your renewal grants? Any insight is welcome, as we have tried other practices over the years and are still not finding the best solution - there has to be a better way! We would love to hear if there are some best practices that come along with working in this way as well.

Thank you for your wisdom 😊



  • I am also interested in this topic. Unfortunately I don't have anything to add as this is something we have not initiated yet. If you don't mind, email me an update when you decide to implement the process ([email protected]). I'd love to hear if it works for you.

  • Vicki, I will be sure to let you know how we end up doing this, after considering what Lisa is suggesting.

    Lisa, you have given me a lot to think about here. I haven't much experience using the copy feature and would love to take a deeper dive into what you are suggesting. We try to recycle our grant process as much possible and only archive when we are overhauling the process. We also opt to not add installments for each year, because we have offered funding for either project or general operating support, and organizations may switch this around from year to year (though now we think we will move to General Support only). Also, our decisions are made by teams that have folks rolling off and new members joining each year, so we do ask for a complete new application to be completed each time - to help our new members become familiar with the organization's work. We anticipate this method of capturing information would likely change when we get to multi-year funding, but for now our grant partners have been completing a renewal LOI and, if invited, complete the renewal full application (for each year they seek a renewal grant).

    We fund direct-action organizing groups and while there are some "outcomes" we are not necessarily tracking that so much as we are tracking the organizing activities of constituents, which tends to be ever-evolving sort of work, and is another reason for a whole new application each year. The idea of blending the renewal LOI into the Follow Up is primarily to save time for the grant partner in this lengthy process, and not necessarily to fund the organization from this LOI stage. It is also for us to know if the work still feels to be inline with our priorities and whether we want to learn more about their organizing work for the upcoming year, inviting a full proposal application into a new round using an access code.

    There are a lot of moving parts, so we hadn't thought the copy feature would work well for us, but I honestly do not know enough about all the functionality you speak of. Perhaps we could streamline more by using this method, but I am probably going to need to do some training to see how your ideas would work in our scenario. I would welcome your insight further, if our way of working still makes sense to use the copy features as you described? Thanks for taking the time to respond Lisa, it is helpful to consider all options!

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