Using SLM for small local orgs?

Hello all!

Here in Owen County we have basically one main high school, one small secondary school and a few students going to other counties. At our best we have a good 150 graduating seniors available for high school scholarships.

I am wondering if anyone lets local organization use your SLM. Letting their applicants fill out your scholarship application, having that org have an evaluation form and awarding on their own.

If you do, what is your fee structure? Do you have an agreement or MOU? Did you try and have it fail?

Thanks for your advice!



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    Hello @MariaOConnor!

    We open up our SLM to all of the community clubs in our city (Rotary, Lions, etc.). We have built a program around this partnership that we call the Community Education Awards Hub. The intention is that the students can find all of the applications in one spot and that these small grassroots community groups do not have to invest in the software on their own.

    We do not charge any fees whatsoever to the community partners. We ask for public recognition of the Hub when the partners are promoting their awards and when they announce the winners. We require a confidentiality form from anyone accessing the software. Each of the partners only have access to the applications for their awards (we don't use the Universal Application).

    We have been operating under this model for three years now and it has been highly successful for us. Although, there have been challenges. We find that not every member of the partner evaluation teams are excited about learning to use the software, they are often retired volunteers, so there can be quite a learning curve for some. This can take quite a bit of time in both group and one on one sessions that has to be repeated with a whole new slate of volunteers the next year.

    Our other biggest challenge has been guidance counsellor outreach. In our first year this was a complete blind spot for us. We were so new to the scholarship world that we didn't realize just how important the role the guidance counsellor played in connecting students to awards. If the counsellors don't know what awards exist in our Hub what is their motivation to point students in that direction? We learned that lesson in year two and we now send weekly reports of SLM activity to each of the schools guidance counsellors in the city

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    Thank you! We have a good relationship with guidance counsellors so and we are familiar with the reluctance of older members not wanting to learn new tricks.

    Do you find that you spend more time with them than on regular scholarships?

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