SLM Conflict of interest and Confidentiality letters

At this time of year I email our committee reviewers and ask that they read, sign and return these documents with fairly dismail results. I have even gone to the trouble of mailing (!) the documents and included a stamped address envelope with little improvement on getting these documents back.

As I was preparing to email the reviewers yesterday, I wondered if there was a way to load the documents in SLM so that they read them and either use a signature box, or, a tick box that says they have read, understood and agreed to the content of these documents.

Would I have to create a process? Should I use a link in the email.

Has anyone come up with a brilliant plan to solve this issue with Foudant's help?



  • BonitaJohnsonBonitaJohnson
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    Check with @AshleyHarper or @AndrewBlessing at Foundant. They are great at assisting with setting up documents for review and I have dropped the documents in with automatic emails that go out and asked that photo consent forms be signed and emailed back to me. I do not seem to have any problems with documents being returned via email from the email notifications (GLM or SLM).

    Email notification will work for many things if you set it up and attach the document from your files.

    Hope this is helpful!

  • DeirdreMcLoughlinDeirdreMcLoughlin
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    Thank you very much Bonita. I have noted Shared Documents as one way. The one @AndrewBlessing sent me was to create an application, with evaluation form and I am working on that. I shall look into your way as it seems even easier.

    Thank you for your thoughts.


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