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I am a Grants Program Manager at the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis and we are looking to transition to a new grantmaking system later this year. As an arts organization we offer grants to both organizations and individual artists. We are currently considering Foundant, but we have some concerns about its ability to make grants to both individuals and organizations. We would be willing to pay for the annual license fees for both the grantmaking platform and the scholarship platform (which is what they recommend for making grants to individuals), but we have many people who would both be applying for organization grants and the individual grants, so we are concerned that it might be confusing for us to have two different platforms that they would need to access. We are also concerned about having our data in two different systems on the back end as well, especially since there is quite a lot of overlap between the two groups of applicants, so we’d have to reference both platforms to see how our applicants are interacting with us. We are hoping that there may be Foundant users who manage grants to both individuals and organizations who would talk to us about how they do it.  

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  • Hi Chloe -

    We implemented Foundant a couple of years ago and have run one cycle of our annual ArtsAccelerator grant for individual visual artists through this system. We were using Slideroom prior to this. We have also run two phases of artist emergency funding through Foundant. There are some details on account set up to navigate, as each profile is connected to an organization by our CSM helped us customize the field descriptions to guide people applying as individuals. It's worked out great for us and we have all our contacts and data in one system, which helps on efficiency. Assigning evaluators to review applications is also very easy. I'm happy to chat with you one on one at your convenience.

    Tracy Lauritzen Wright



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  • Hi Chloe

    I am happy to talk to you about how we did our individual grants for Nebraska Arts Council.

    We ended up doing a workaround where we name the grant program as the organization and then the individual grantees are tied in as contacts. It works for us because we work one on one with the grantee prior to application so we set them up as users.

    We do this for our Micro Grant and our Individual Artist Fellowship programs.

    I really like Foundant and your Client Success Manager (CSM) and the Foundant support staff are amazing to work with to talk through issues or work out individual issues with your organization's needs. I have been very impressed with their responsiveness and willingness to adapt the system to our needs.

    I would be happy to talk with you and show you around our site if your are interested. We are all still working remotely so I am giving you my personal cell number and my work email.

    Jennifer Dreibelbis

    Grants and Data Administrator

    402-616-1802 (personal cell)

    [email protected]

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