Handling of multi-year grants in Foundant?

Hi everyone,

We are in the testing phase of Foundant and planning to roll it out to our prospective grantees in early April. We do have some historical data to upload in the form of multi-year grants that pre-date the launch of this product to our agencies.

Can anyone please comment on how they've handled this? For instance, have you asked the current grantees to upload this historical data including (for us): Grant Application Cover Sheet, Grant Narrative, Financials, and an Interim Report. Or is this something you've uploaded yourselves?

We are considering the option above or, simply uploading this information ourselves since, at this point, we don't have too many MYGs.

Any and all advice is appreciated.

Thanks so much,

Jody Purdom


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    We handled multi year grants the same as single year grants. The disbursement of the checks are your payments and they pull through nicely.

    We did not go to the grantees (ugh for them, right?) but we had electronic versions of everything in our prior database, so up it went. if you have paper of anything, maybe there's an intern opportunity (watch over it closely) or someone else can start slowly?

    All of this sounds clear in my head, but if it doesn't in type, please feel free to reach out.


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