Donor Advised Funds and "first look" at competitive grant applications using Grant Catalog

Hi all. Historically, after a competitive grants cycle, we've informed our donor advisors of any grant applications we were unable to fund fully or fund at all. Some donors choose to fund a few. I'm considering giving our donor advisors the "first look" at competitive grant applications, then forwarding them on to our committee for review and decisions. (Rather than having our grants committee make decisions first, then giving our donor advisors a look at what wasn't funded.)

My question: Does anyone do this or something similar? If so, how have you utilized GLM and Community Suite's grant catalog to avoid duplicate entries and tons of accounting adjustments? It appears that it will work pretty well for us the way we've historically done it, but not so easy if we switch to letting donor advisors fund grants on the front end. I'd love to chat with someone who has done this with success. Thank you!

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