WalkMe Courses is live in your sandbox site

Hello all - Happy Tuesday, December 15th.

When you log into your sandbox site today, you will notice a new icon above the question mark in the bottom right hand corner. The icon is a computer with a graduation cap! This launches our new training platform, WalkMe Courses. WalkMe Courses allows for our clients to have an active learning experience -- small lessons driven by actively clicking through the product. The goal is to build product fundamentals through active learning.

Whether you are in training, a new administrator on a team, or an old pro - I encourage you to dive in and take a test drive. Make sure to complete each quiz at the end of the lesson.

December/January challenge: If you complete and *pass* all quizzes in a product (GLM/SLM/CommunitySuite), let our team know: [email protected]. We'll send you a special koozie.

Finally, your feedback is how we improve. Lay it on thick.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.




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