Long Term or Multi-Year Grants

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Does your Organization provide Long Term or Multi-Year Grants?

What do you consider a long-term grant?

What are some workflows that work for managing these in GLM?



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    We provide multi-year grants that are between 2-5 years. We add installments in GLM and require an interim follow-up report before each installment is paid. Grantees need to meet certain conditions before the next installment payment will be sent. We meet with them to verify that they have met any conditions for the installment and that information about the grant has not changed since they received the first installment. They must demonstrate sufficient progress on the grant. If found satisfactory, the next installment payment will be released.

    We have had multi-year grants that did not meet the requirements and future installments were canceled. I was very happy when Foundant created the option to cancel installments but leave the original amount awarded.

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