Will you vote on my Idea Lab idea? :-)

Our foundation has 2 ways to describe applications that don't get funding. Applications are either DENIED or they are DECLINED. We use this language very intentionally. An application that is DENIED is one that doesn't meet eligibility rules -- for example, not being a c3 in good standing or not based in our service area. These applications don't even get reviewed by the committee. An application that is DECLINED is one that the committee chooses not to fund. That's a big difference!

We would love it if Foundant could allow to have more options for the application status, or at least allow us to customize the language. I've posted this idea in the Idea Lab, so if you like it too, please vote on it! 😁

Thank you!!




  • This is a great idea! We currently identify ineligible as "Staff Declined" relating to not meeting requirements. "LOI Declined" is used to identify the submissions not selected to move forward with a full application, and "Board Declined" are applications actually reviewed by the Board and not funded. I like your idea better! Thanks for sharing!

  • Voted! Thanks for adding such a great idea!

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