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How are you using custom fields in CSuite?


I am very excited to think about how we will use custom fields.

A few ideas on our drawing board:

  • Grant template language (text field) on fund records for our few donors who have been grandfathered in with special verbiage. This was mentioned on the webinar and will help cut down the number of templates we have to maintain.
  • Tracking succession plans on the fund record
  • Tracking grants related to "national moments", including the Black Lives Matters protests of 2020
  • Track demographic data on profiles: We had this in our old system (FIMS) and have been holding onto it via spreadsheet. I'm excited to bulk import it into CSuite soon.
  • Eventually, we hope to integrate additional fields that capture grantee application information from GLM --> CSuite. Waiting for the webinar from Foundant to learn more about how that will work.

How are you using them? I'm eager to hear others' ideas.

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