Measuring progress at a Community Foundation through data analytics or key progress indicators

Hello everyone-

Are there any Community Foundations out there who are using data analytics/metrics/key progress indicators for measuring impact/success/progress? Our Board has indicated that they would like us to do this, but there is relatively little information online about how a Community Foundation would use or develop data analytics.



  • JesikaEllisJesikaEllis
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    I feel like @LaurelShulman could speak on this .. or at least how to start thinking about using analytics for measuring impact and progress. This is also something I am hoping I can begin to implement for our organization more intentionally in the coming years, and Laurel has been a good resource for me!

  • Thank you, Laurel, that actually helps a lot! I've been doing some more research and have come up with a few possible measurements that we may use. Your message makes me realize that we need to tie those measurements to our strategic goals and priorities and make sure everyone (board, staff, etc) on the same page. And, it's funny you mention a dashboard, because the board has also asked about a dashboard. I will send you an email!

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