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RI Investing - Lunch Topic

One of our other topics was around local investing/responsible investing. This is a place to carry on that discussion.

Also part of the discussion was around definitions, so here's a few quick ones.

Responsible Investing - Putting your endowment to work to accomplish your mission and not just focus on returns

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI and ESG are common acronyms) - Managing your investment options that either avoids particular investments (things like no tobacco or no firearm) or targets particular items (like companies that are working on carbon footprints)

Mission Related Investment (MRI) - Targets investing in firms that offer competitive returns and are aligned with your organizational goals

Program Related Investing (PRI) - Uses more program dollars to work similar to grant activity. These can count under IRS guidelines as program spending as long as the primary focus is not investment returns. As a result, these tend to be more at risk dollars but are also the most directly targeted. Often, these take the form of loans for things like low-income housing, small business loans and the like.

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