Introduce Yourself!

Introduce yourself to the community here!

A couple of starting points:

  • Are you a dog or a cat person? (Request the Dog Person or Cat Person badge)!
  • Name your favorite Bequet Caramel flavor. (Request the Caramel Lover badge)!
  • What are you looking to achieve during this user group?


  • Hi, all, I'm Ashley Harper, a CSM for Grants and Scholarships, based here in Memphis. I wish we could do this as an in-person user group, but look forward to seeing you Wednesday on Zoom!

    To Megan's questions:

    All dog, all the time.

    Any of the caramel flavors with the teeny salt crysals.

    I hope to boost your confidence as a GLM/SLM administrator and provide some tips on using the software effectively!

    See you Wednesday!

  • Hi! I'm Tracy Lauritzen Wright, COO at ArtsMemphis.

    I'm definitely a cat person.

    Mocha caramel!

    Looking to get to know others' tips and trick on managing work flows and finding efficiencies.


  • Hello! I'm Kristen Brandt, Arts Industry Director at the Mississippi Arts Commission. I manage grants for writers and single-discipline arts organizations such as ballets, operas, symphonies, arts museums, etc. I completed Foundant BaseCamp in November. I joined the MAC team a few weeks before we started using Foundant three years ago. I'm thrilled to be here!

    I have two cats in the family, Rowan and Al.

    I love sea-salt caramel.

    Learning about new features to continue to make our system more intuitive and our grants more accessible to our constituents!

    Thanks & be well!!

  • Thank you all so much for being in our virtual user group today! If you took away one thing, it was, never let Ashley manage her own time. Sorry to bump up to the end time like that, but thank you all for being there and participating! This was a stellar group.

  • Thanks Ashley and team! great session today!

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