Introduce Yourself!

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Introduce yourself to the community here!

A couple of starting points:

  • Are you a dog or a cat person? (Request the Dog Person or Cat Person badge)!
  • Name your favorite Bequet Caramel flavor. (Request the Caramel Lover badge)!
  • What are you looking to achieve during this event?


  • Hi all! I am excited to connect with my fellow Iowans at the ICOF user group!

    I'm a Dana Berggren, a Client Success Manager for grants and scholarships at Foundant, and I work remotely from Pella. Prior to working at Foundant, I held roles at the Quad Cities Community Foundation (where I was recruited to the philanthropy world) and in higher education.

    I'm a dog person, but right now I spend my energy on keeping two (soon to be three) small humans alive, so an actual pet is something I look forward to in the future :)

    My favorite caramel flavor is pretty much any one I can get my hands on.

  • Hi Everyone!

    I am Mikayla Vale, I have been with Foundant for over two years and am a grants and scholarships CSM. I am a born and raised Montana girl. I love this place! I live in Bozeman Montana now.

    I am definitely more of a dog person. I don't have one currently, but all my siblings have one, so I can go play with their dogs.

    My favorite caramel is the sea salt caramel, as that was the one my dad and I used to always get so it has great memories attached to it. I also like the green apple kind.

    I am looking forward to hearing you all during the user group. I am excited to share new things in the site and learn from your experiences. Come ready to learn and to share!

  • Thanks Foundant team for the intros. I'm a little late in arriving here, but still it looks like I'm the first Foundation rep to comment on this thread! (Desperately trying to get my Caramels for Comments badge!)

    Dana, I didn't realize you were expecting. Congrats! Due date?

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