Coffee Talk: Communicate for Good, May 11, 2023

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Thank you for joining the discussion today!

On today's discussion attendees talked about their communcaiton types, examples of noticing how communication types affect their meetings, pairing communcation types to create external communicaiton that reaches a broad audience, and using communication understanding as a way to improve team dynamics.


-Coffee Talk Recording:

-Sector Education Webinar with presenter @EricaBarnhart and facilitator @lorifinch you can watch it here!

Pierre Casse Communication Type Assessment: https://ecologyofdesigninhumansystems.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/CommS-Assess.Entire-Pierre-Casse.pdf

-Insights Discovery Test- Mentioned by Alyse as a tool used by the Foundant Success Team. Free versions and explanations are available online.

-Six Types of Working Genius by Pat Lencioni- Team management book mentioned by Alyse as a tool she used with the Success Team at Foundant.

Facillitators: @LyndseyThompson @RikkaHoliday @AmandaPool @AlyseBraaten

Speakers: Allyson Fulton, @StephanieCohen, @MichelleWallace, @CaseyHu, Kim Olaleken, Stella Verdeja

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