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Hello from Denver!

Hi! I was just in the webinar with Darian Rodriguez Heyman and wanted to join this great community.

My name is Celeste Seiler and I am now the Director of Operations for Art from Ashes. I've been with AfA since fall of 2017 in different roles. We managed to somehow thrive in the pandemic by quickly navigating how to connect with youth virtually and hosting virtual events. I wanted to share my business card with everyone in case you would like to connect and learn more about what we do.

We serve youth 12-24 years old through creative expression programs. We have weekly virtual sessions on Wednesdays at 4pm MT that are free for youth to attend.

We actually have a virtual event coming up next month, too. It's a poetic scavenger hunt that I would love for everyone to check out. You can participate from anywhere!

That is all. Glad to be here!



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