Are you an "indoorsy" or "outdoorsy" person?

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New Year, New Badges!

Do you consider yourself more of an "indoorsy" or "outdoorsy" person? Is your New Year intention to be more one than the other?

Request your preferred badge - or both badges! - and share your favorite activities in the comments below!

Request the Indoorsy Badge

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  • Indoors. Preferably with the air conditioning on and the WiFi working.

  • I'm both! I love to be snuggled up indoors by the fire with my cat and a good book. But, I also love the fresh air and sunshine.

  • Indoorsy, for sure.

  • I'm indoorsey, as well. Looks as though we have a trend going here.

  • @BarbaraFloersch I suppose we may be swayed by the fact that it's winter for most of us, and there are a few other reasons we all are spending a little more time indoors right now!

    But if enjoying a glass of wine on an outdoor patio counts, then I'm super Outdoorsy! 😆

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