Hi Everyone! Happy to be joining you from Royal Palm Beach, Florida

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Looking forward to connecting on topics and partnering on projects.

I have 25 + years working in Grants. The first 9 years I made my way as a grant writer. The next 9 years, I became a grant maker for a local health and human service Foundation. After that, I was the Chief Grants Officer managing both grant making as well as the grant writing for a local arts agency.

Last July 2019, I left to establish Venn There Grants Consulting to help nonprofits and funders understand the importance and mechanics of creating a Grant System and not just hacking away at grants. I work both locally in Florida as well as across the U.S.

I grew up in Ohio, graduated from Kent State University, moved to Philly for a couple of years. Then my husband and I moved to Florida. We've been here 26 years with our two college-aged daughters and three cats. I serve on our village's council and I love to travel and ride rollercoasters.

If you have something in common with me, reach out. I'd like to know more about you



  • Welcome to Compass, @JanRodusky! If you grew up in Ohio and love rollercoasters, I probably don't have to recommend you visit Cedar Point! I have some family in the Fremont/Sandusky area and trips there were a summer necessity!

  • Hi Jan! I love rollarcoasters too! Thanks for joining - so glad to have your wealth of experience on both sides of the granting cycle here!

  • @KaraAdams Cedar Point is the best! I worked there 3 summers while in college. Now I have season passes and take the kids twice a year. That's fun that you have family in the area. Do you ever get visit and go to the park?

  • @JanRodusky I don't make it back to Ohio often. I'm also not sure my constitution is as sturdy as it was when I was riding those rides as a kid, so that's probably okay! Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

  • @KaraAdams I understand. Those gigacoasters aren't for everyone. :) I hope you had a great weekend as well!

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