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I am starting to work on a process/procedure to share with our team for consistency in entering new profiles. Would anyone be willing to share what you use with your team?


Karen Wolf

[email protected]


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  • Hi Karen,

    we have struggled with this for awhile, as we were early users and the system had not been as robust. We currently start the profile with a household if there are partners, and then if we find that we have more frequent contact with the partners - we create individual profiles and connect them to the household. If it is a married couple with a community foundation fund, then we automatically create a household and link the individuals to it. We do most of our note taking on the household and most of the gifts on the household. If the partner is giving a gift such as a qcd, then we put that gift on the individual. For organizations and companies, we create the organization and put in a main contact, we then link individuals associated to the organization.

    I hope this is helpful!

    Missy Belles

    Whatcom Community Foundation

  • For the moment, we have decided to have one person do profile entering and editing so it doesn't get muddy.

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