Using CSuite Scholarship and GLM grants to process scholarships?

Hi everyone! Loving this new Q and A!

We currently use both GLM and CSuite. We have only a small number of scholarships and don't adjudicate them - we just simply disburse the funds. Currently we use the GLM to create the grant and finalize approvals and any follow ups, then sync to CSuite as a grant. Then, scholarship recipients are tracked as a "profile fund category".

My question is: has anyone used the GLM and the CSuite scholarship function to do the same? As I said, we don't have many, so I'm not sure if the SLM feature is necessary. We are just exploring ways to process and track appropriately and thought a CSuite Scholarship function and GLM integration may be an option, if possible.

Thoughts and ideas are most welcome!😀



  • Hi Lorna!

    It sounds like you have done a excellent job of utilizing an internal process to assign the follow ups and gather the approval information needed for Community Suite! Based on your process I would say that this is the best way to use the system to achieve what you need given the fact that you currently have a small number of scholarships. If your scholarships grow SLM would be a great addition for you and would alleviate a lot of the issues you are experiencing.

    Let me know if you would like to talk through this more!

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