How are you treating School profiles in CSuite when they are receiving both Grants and Scholarships?

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We are a community foundation doing scholarship and grants. More and more donors are recommending grants to schools, of which we have record of in C-suites using the address for the Financial Office, but the grant needs to be sent to a different address.

Do you create two different profiles for the different types of grant? Use the Parent/Child Organization function?

Would love to hear how you manage those!



  • I'm in the process of reorganizing those profiles, and I think I'm going to use the Parent/Child organization function.

    Often, we also have contacts from various departments, and so we have like 10 profiles for a university - one for each different department.

    I've found a similar problem with Cities and Counties, where we have profiles for each department, but they are not linked.

  • @DianaAldapa Thank you for that suggestion! 😀

    I am going to try the Parent/Child org function and see how that goes for us! We have so many profiles and it often gets confusing.

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