Available Cash

Does anyone account for non-invested cash that is held by their financial institution?

For example, if you have $10 million invested and $200,000 in the same pooled account, but it is available cash and not actively invested. Would you have a separate fund in the system for this and how would you allocate across all of the funds in your account?



  • We do not segregate the cash part of our pools in our system or financial statements. Each pool is listed separately, but as one total amount. That said, we do our investment pool reconciling from our broker statements and Clearwater Analytics, outside of CSuite. so, if we were reconciling within CSuite, I'd have to think about whether or not the cash portion would be separate.

  • We never thought to do it before, but our investment manager moved a portion of that cash out of the account so he could do some re-balancing. And of course he did that at the very end of the month. So I have to account for that movement, but not sure how exactly since you have to tie that transaction to a fund.

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